Carved Green Jasper Crystal Skull

27.95 USD

Beautifully carved and highly detailed 2" green jasper crystal skull! PRICE IS FIRM. Jasper was a popular stone across the ancient world. Its name can be traced through multiple languages, such as the French jaspre meaning 'spotted or speckled stone'. Some claim the name is Hebrew. Egyptians used jasper as healing amulets. Some medicine men of the First Nation tribes of North America used jasper to attract rain. Historically, jasper has agricultural associations, which may be related to its prosperous energies, as successful harvests often determined those things. Many of Jasper's magical attributes focus on its protective energies and keep its user safe. It can make astral travel easier, providing a strong cord back to the tangible realm, and make projection work easier. Jasper can be used to combat the Evil Eye, makes an excellent talisman. Carry to alleviate stress or increase beauty, internal or external.